A woven polypropylene (PP) fabric with an anti-static grid and flame retardant coating for use in mining applications.

Brattice J 175® is designed for curtains, wall hangings and coverings, and ventilation ducting within the mining industry.

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The cream-colored woven polypropylene fabric with black anti-static grid and flame retardant coating is coated at Gale Pacific’s Australian factory using our proprietary coating process. Brattice J 175® has a UV-stabilized base scrim with a non-UV-stabilized coating and finish on both sides. The fabric is lightweight and is available in various widths and optimal roll length so it’s easy to handle. It is a FRAS-certified ducting and ventilation fabric for the coal mining industry. Brattice J 175® complies with the British Coal Board Regulations of 1985, including revised flame test and requirement for permanency.