A multi-purpose diamond, profile-knitted netting designed to protect crops.

Quad Crossover's® innovative diamond lock-stitch with four-yarn crossover deters even the smallest birds and protects crops against damaging hail storms.

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The strong high-density polyethylene fabric won’t rot or absorb moisture.

Meanwhile, the canopy created by the Quad Crossover® fabric creates a micro-climate promoting plant growth and reducing transpiration evaporation and ‘spray drift’. This can help save water.

The reinforced edge and centre of the fabric makes for easier handling. We offer you peace of mind with a 10-year warranty* against product failure due to ultra-violet light.

We've factored in that different crops require different P.A.R. factors (aka photo-synthetically active radiation or photosynthesis for plant growth). Our range includes different aperture sizes allowing for flexibility when choosing the best product for your needs.

  • HDPE Fabric can be recycled