Case study - protecting communities in a ‘UV Shade Smart’ playground

Case study - protecting communities in a ‘UV Shade Smart’ playground

Playgrounds without suitable shade can expose the community to the harmful effects of UV radiation. It can also mean children are exposed to extreme surface temperatures, over 108 degrees Celcius during summer.

As the only shade fabric endorsed by Cancer Council, GALE Pacific shade sails are ideal for use in playgrounds where protection from the sun is critical.

To illustrate this, Memorial Park Playground in Merrylands, NSW is an excellent case study in making playgrounds safer for families and children during summer.

Leading this innovative project, Western Sydney University partnered with Cumberland City Council, GALE Pacific and several other parties to build a ‘UV smart’ shade structure over an existing playground.

This offers the ‘co-benefit’ of helping to provide protection from the sun, while also facilitating outdoor play and community wellbeing.

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