Case Study: Commercial 95 in an award-winning remodel

Case Study: Commercial 95 in an award-winning remodel

In 2015, GALE Pacific collaborated with Red Rock Contractors and SHADE Industries for a unique project. The custom residential remodel used Commercial 95 for award-winning results.

The celebrated combination.

GALE Pacific USA, Inc. partnered with Red Rock Contractors of Mesa, Arizona and SHADE Industries of Phoenix, Arizona to provide structural consultation, design assistance, and custom shade sails for a residential remodel.

The custom shade design won a 2015 IAA Outstanding Achievement Award. The International Achievement Awards (IAA) are an annual competition that aims to promote the use of specialty fabrics around the world. 

Choosing Commercial 95.

After working with the client to make a decision based on aesthetic and functional properties, navy blue Commercial 95 fabric was chosen for the custom sails. Commercial 95 offers the ultimate combination of maximum sun protection, strength and durability to ensure maintenance-free, long-life performance. 

The client required a porous fabric that wouldn’t trap heat and wouldn’t hold any water, and as the fabric was fixed at a slight angle, they didn't want to worry about ponding issues. They also admired that Commercial 95 is a slightly translucent fabric. In certain light you are able to see through the fabric, which creates an atmosphere that feels less enclosed. 

Design and fit.

Taking cues from the chic distressed-industrial design of the home and yard, the solution featured two large naturally rusted cantilevered structures embedded into raised concrete caissons.

To eliminate the possibility of natural rust staining the fabric, the I-beams were outfitted with an unobtrusive arched powder-coated steel tube. The fabric itself has a quarter-inch stainless steel tensioned perimeter cable sewn into a pocket along its border, providing shape and tension.

The corners are reinforced at each anchor point and are attached with stainless steel hardware to anchor plates on the steel beams. 

A complete solution.

The finished fabric structure provides utilitarian and aesthetic qualities to the backyard space by providing shade for residents during the day and a focal point at the end of a swimming pool in the evening.

Our Commercial 95 fabric is the flagship product in our Architectural Shade Fabrics range, and we’re excited to present this case study as an example of its execution in an award winning custom fit.

The awards have been representative of the diverse products and applications of specialty fabrics for over 60 years, and recognises design excellence and technical skill.

Entries are judged by industry experts, educators, design professionals and architects for their knowledge and experience in the field. The award fosters relationships in the industry, and the collaboration has formed a working business relationship between the contractors at the conclusion of the project.

To view the custom fit in action, visit the page for the 2015 Outstanding Achievement Awards in Residential Awnings and Canopies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about this project, or would like to implement a similar solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.