Netting Measuring Tips 1

Netting Measuring Tips 1

Use these tips when measuring up for a total netting enclosure.

Total Enclosure

(Where nets are threaded together at the selvedge of each net)

  1. Measure the height of the trellis, and multiply that by two. Add 1m on to this to account for the excess material at the bottom.
  2. Multiply the row space (post to post) by the number of rows to work out the total width.
  3. Add 1. to 2. to get the total width required. Remember to allow for overlap where nets will be laced together – this will depend on the width of net that you are using.
  4. Measure the length of each row – remember to add approx 10m to each row length to account for draping at the start and end of each row.

Lacing Nets Together

Nets need to be laced before they are draped on the vines. Use correct lacing twine to ensure durability.
Once laced and draped the nets also need to be fixed to the trellis for maximum effectiveness.


Trouble Shooting

  • Don’t cut the net until it is on the vines
  • If the net won’t cover the required dimensions, check the profile of the hole shape. Ensure it is a true diamond/hexagonal shape and it has been overstretched in either direction
  • When putting nets on vines, ensure you get the width first, and then work your way down the vine to achieve the desired length
  • Double measure the row length – be as accurate as possible – use a metre counter when you are measuring
  • If you are using made to order nets make sure that you have the MTO net for the correct row
  • Remember – the wider you stretch the net, the shorter the length will be
  • The layout of your vineyard will have an effect on how much net you need and whether you need standard or made to order product