Polypropylene textiles – the clean and green PVC alternative

Polypropylene textiles – the clean and green PVC alternative

GALE Pacific's Landmark® is the agricultural sector’s preferred material for tarpaulins and bulk grain covers. It’s proven its worth over several years protecting millions of dollars’ worth of grain.

GALE Pacific's Landmark® is a 340gsm polypropylene fabric. It offers superior strength-to-weight ratio when compared to PVC. In fact, Landmark® is equivalent to a 600gsm PVC product.

Polypropylene’s lighter weight has significant benefits over PVC, particularly when it is used in structural design, installation and handling.

There are obvious environmental benefits, too, including:

  • It’s environmentally friendly to produce and recycle.
  • Its lower weight reduces transport costs and labour costs on installation.
  • It is inherently resistant to dirt and grime. Unlike PVC equivalents, which tend to attract dust and pollutants to its slightly tacky surface, Landmark® retains its appearance.

GALE Pacific's Landmark® is a versatile product that can be applied to more than just grain covers and agricultural products. 

The availability of a tear stop extends the use of Landmark® into architectural applications, such as shade sails, sidewalk café covers and small marquees. It’s also ideal for mining and industrial applications, such as hoop shelters and shade structures.

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