Case Study: Melbourne School

Case Study: Melbourne School

A Melbourne school recently refreshed their Commercial 95 shade sails with some help from local professionals Sunsoft Shade Systems.

The school, located in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs, first commissioned this large-scale shade structure to be installed by Sunsoft Shade Systems around 15 years ago using GALE Pacific's Commercial 95 shade fabric, in alternating panels of navy blue and yellow. It has been playing a vital role in keeping school children and staff screened from the harsh Australian sun, while allowing them much needed time outdoors. The significant advantages of Commercial 95 fabric is that it allows cooling breeze to pass through while offering 95% UV block - and that it stands the test of time in extreme weather.

While Victoria may be one of the cooler states in the country, Summer can produce some of the hottest days with temperatures rising above 40 degrees C and the UV index often sitting at 'very high' levels.

The impressive structure, installed by local experts Sunsoft Shade Systems, covers over 1,750 sq m which is still considered a 'mega' installation by todays standards. The past 15 years have certainly been taxing on the structure and membranes, however premium materials and superior workmanship always prevail.

"To be that size and to be in that envrionment for that period of time was remarkable. It's not just about the quality of the fabric, our unique construction / sewing / thread and major cable and support systems allowed the cloth to enjoy a long life." 

"Based on past performance and our long-standing history with the Commercial 95 fabric it was an easy decision to use it again for the 'next generation' of superb shade coverage".
Andrew Hughes, Technical Manager, Sunsoft Shade Systems.

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